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What is a computer?

A computer is an electronic device that performs our essential tasks according to predetermined instructions.

The computer is capable of storing data, making necessary changes to it, and providing data on demand again.

what is the full form of computer ?

Some people say COMPUTER full form stands for Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research. … “A computer is a general purpose electronic device that is used to perform arithmetic and logical operations automatically.

Computer Full-Form started from A

Computer Full-Form started from A

Full Form Of ADSL is

(ADSL) Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

More About ADSL:
Asymmetric digital subscriber line is a type of digital subscriber line technology, a data communications technology that enables faster data transmission over copper telephone lines than a conventional voiceband modem can provide. ADSL differs from the less common symmetric digital subscriber line.

Full Form Of AGP is

(AGP) Accelerated Graphics Port

More About AGP:
The Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) was designed as a high-speed point-to-point channel for attaching a video card to a computer system, primarily to assist in the acceleration of 3D computer graphics. It was originally designed as a successor to PCI-type connections for video cards.
Speed: Up to 2133 MB/s
Width in bits: 32
No. of devices: One device per slot
Created by: Intel
Style: Parallel

Full Form Of ALi is

(ALi) Acer Labs, Incorporated

More About Ali:
Ali Corporation is a major designer and manufacturer of embedded systems integrated circuits and a former manufacturer of personal computer

Full-Form Of ALU is

(ALU) Arithmetic Logic Unit

More About ALU:
An arithmetic logic unit (ALU) is a combinational digital electronic circuit that performs arithmetic and bitwise operations on integer binary numbers. This is in contrast to a floating-point unit (FPU), which operates on floating-point numbers.

Full Form Of AMD is

(AMD) Advanced Micro Devices

More About AMD:
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. is an American multinational semiconductor company based in Santa Clara County, California that develops computer processors and related technologies for business and consumer markets.

Full-Form Of APC is

(APC) American Power Conversion

More About APC:
APC by Schneider Electric, formerly known as American Power Conversion Corporation, is a manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies, electronics peripherals and data center products.

Full-Form Of ASCII is

(ASCII) American Standard Code for Information Interchange

More About ASCII:
ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. It is a method to define a set of characters for encoding text documents on computers. The ASCII codes represent computers and other communication devices that use text. It was the most common computer encoding on the World Wide Web until December 2007, after that it surpassed by UTF-8 which uses ASCII as a subset.

Most of the computers use ASCII code to represent texts. It makes possible to transfer data from one computer to another computer. The ASCII text files are used in DOS and UNIX based operating systems. Text editors and word processors are capable to store data in ASCII format but it is not a default storage format.

Full-Form Of ASIC is

(ASIC) Application Specific Integrated Circuit

More About ASIC:
An application-specific integrated circuit is an integrated circuit chip customized for a particular use, rather than intended for general-purpose use. For example, a chip designed to run in a digital voice recorder or a high-efficiency Bitcoin miner is an ASIC.

Full Form Of ASPI is

(ASPI) Advanced SCSI Programming Interface

More About ASPI:
Advanced SCSI programming interface, ASPI is an interface specification for sending commands to a SCSI host adapter. ASPI has become a de facto standard for programmers that want to create drivers that work with all ASPI-compatible SCSI adapters.

Full Form Of ATI is

(ATI) ATI Technologies Inc

More About ATI:
ATI Technologies Inc. was a semiconductor technology corporation based in Markham, Ontario, Canada, that specialized in the development of graphics processing units and chipsets. Founded in 1985 as Array Technology Inc., the company listed publicly in 1993. Advanced Micro Devices acquired ATI in 2006.
Founder: Kwok Yuen Ho
Founded: 1985
Headquarters: Markham, Canada
Ceased operations: 25 October 2006
Parent organization: Advanced Micro Devices

Full-Form Of ATX is

(ATX) Advanced Technology Extended

More About ATX:
–> Advanced Technology eXtended, ATX is a specification used to outline motherboard configuration and dimensions to improve standardization. First released in July 1995 by Intel, ATX has since had many revisions. The first was version 2.01 in February 1997, then 2.03 in May 2000, 2.1 in June 2002, and 2.2 in February 2004.

–> ATX boards didn’t hit the market in force until mid-1996, when they rapidly began replacing Baby-AT boards in new systems. The original ATX motherboard, often referred to as Standard ATX or Full-ATX, is 12″ wide x 9.6″ deep (305 x 244 mm). Its COM port, LPT port, PS/2, and USB are mounted directly on the motherboard.

Full Form Of ADC is

(ADC) Analog-to-Digital Converter

More About ADC:
–> In electronics, an analog-to-digital converter is a system that converts an analog signal, such as a sound picked up by a microphone or light entering a digital camera, into a digital signal.

Full Form Of AI is

(AI) Artificial Intelligence

More About AI:
Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. The term may also be applied to any machine that exhibits traits associated with a human mind such as learning and problem-solving.

Full Form Of ALGOL is

(ALGOL) Algorithmic Language

More About ALGOL:
Algorithmic languages (ALGOL) is a family of imperative computer programming languages, originally developed in the mid-1950s, which greatly influenced many other languages and was the standard method for algorithm description used by the Association for Computing Machinery in textbooks and academic sources for more than thirty years.
Family: ALGOL
Paradigm: Procedural, imperative, structured
Designed by: Friedrich L. Bauer, Hermann Bottenbruch

Full Form Of ATM is

(ATM) Automatic Teller Machine

More About ATM:
–> The full form of ATM is Automated Teller Machine. ATM is an electro-mechanical machine that is used for making financial transactions from a bank account. These machines are used to withdraw money from personal bank accounts.

–> This makes banking process very easy because these machines are automatic and there is no need of human cashier for transaction. The ATM machine can be of two types; one with basic functions where you can withdraw cash and another one with more advanced functions where you can also deposit cash.

Full Form Of AC is

(AC) Alternating Current

More About AC:
Alternating current (AC) is an electric current which periodically reverses direction, in contrast to direct current (DC) which flows only in one direction. The abbreviations AC and DC are often used to mean simply alternating and direct, as when they modify current or voltage.

Full Form Of ACPI is

(ACPI) Advanced Configuration and Power Interface

More About ACPI:
ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) is an industry specification for the efficient handling of power consumption in desktop and mobile computers. ACPI specifies how a computer’s basic input/output system, operating system, and peripheral devices communicate with each other about power usage. ACPI is a key component of Intel’s “Instantly Available” technology. Microsoft refers to its support as “Always On.”

Full Form Of AMR is

(AMR) Audio Modem Riser

More About AMR:
An Audio Modem Riser (AMR) is a short riser expansion slot on the motherboard of certain Intel PCs such as Pentium III and IV. Its availability is also visible in AMD Athlon and AMD Duron PCs. The audio modem riser is designed as an easy and inexpensive way to incorporate special sound cards and modems into a system. The AMR slot was first introduced by Intel in 1998 as a way to allow motherboard manufacturers to use an analog input/output (I/O) system for audio and modem functions on an expansion board.

Full Form Of APIPA is

(APIPA) Automatic Private Internet Protocol Addressing

More About APIPA:
–> Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA) is a feature of Windows-based operating systems (included in Windows 98, ME, 2000, and XP) that enables a computer to automatically assign itself an IP address when there is no Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server available to perform that function.

–> The APIPA service also checks regularly for the presence of a DHCP server (every five minutes, according to Microsoft). If it detects a DHCP server on the network, APIPA stops, and the DHCP server replaces the APIPA networking addresses with dynamically assigned addresses.

Full Form Of APC is

(APC) American Power Conversion

More About APC:
APC by Schneider Electric, formerly known as American Power Conversion Corporation, is a manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies, electronics peripherals and data center products.

Full Form Of APM is

(APM) Advanced Power Management

More About APM:
–> Advanced Power Management (APM) is an application programming interface (API) developed jointly by Microsoft and Intel. It allows an operating system to communicate with the computer’s BIOS in order to achieve efficient power management.

–> The first version was released in 1992 and the latest APM specification was Revision 1.2 released in 2006. Microsoft discontinued support for APM starting with Windows Vista in favor of the advanced configuration and power interface (ACPI).

Full Form Of ARP is

(ARP) Address Resolution Protocol

More About ARP:
The Address Resolution Protocol is a communication protocol used for discovering the link layer address, such as a MAC address, associated with a given internet layer address, typically an IPv4 address. This mapping is a critical function in the Internet protocol suite.

Full Form Of ASR is

(ASR) Automated System Recovery

More About ASR:
Automated system recovery (ASR) is a feature of the Windows XP operating system that can be used to simplify recovery of a computer’s system or boot volumes. ASR consists of two parts: an automated backup, and an automated restore. The backup portion can be accessed in the Backup utility under System Tools.

Full Form Of ATA is

(ATA) Advanced Technology Attachment

More About ATA:
–> Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA) is a standard physical interface for connecting storage devices within a computer. ATA allows hard disks and CD-ROMs to be internally connected to the motherboard and perform basic input/output functions.

–> The first ATA interface is now commonly referred to as PATA, which is short for Parallel AT Attachment after the introduction of SATA. Today, almost all home computers use the ATA interface, including Apple computers, which use SATA.

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