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VAMFEW’s research begins with an investigation into zinc and B6 deficiency, also known as pyroluria or pyrrole disorder. High urinary pyrrole leaches zinc and B6 and this is thought to lead to emotional and behavioural issues.

There are a great many unknowns in this area which makes embarking on research a little overwhelming. A draft PhD proposal starts near the beginning – what are the experiences of those who have tested high for urinary pyrrole? One of the reasons this condition is hard to pin down is because symptoms vary between individuals and between time periods. Documenting a number of people’s experiences should help to establish links and highlight commonalities. A research outline is currently being drafted in consultation with professors from the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex. There is initial agreement from a pyrrole testing service to identify people experiencing this and invite them to document their experience. Participants will be randomly selected.

Many other areas warrant investigation:

  • The biochemistry and science of why pyrrole is higher in some, how pyrrole leaches zinc and B6, biological pathways which use zinc or B6 and so are affected, co-factors in absorbing vitamins, form of supplements that the body is able to absorb, how the condition is worsened by stress factors, why different people display some symptoms and not others.

Please get in touch with comments and/or if you are interested in undertaking research in this area, vamfew@vamfew.org