The VAMFEW project has three core functions: 

  1. Raising awareness
  2. Increasing understanding
  3. Providing a space for community support

An imbalance of vitamins, minerals, aminos, and fatty acids are thought to affect mental health,  emotional wellbeing and behaviour in a variety of ways.  The initial focus of VAMFEW is zinc and B6 deficiency. Research in to this finds some interesting information but a lack of rigorous evidence.  This  has been overlooked historically because supplements are widely available and unpatented – so there are no big pharamaceutical companies driving the research.  VAMFEW aim to mobilise funds to drive this research agenda.  Awareness needs to be raised so that nutritional deficiency and mental health is recognised as an issue.  There is believed to be a  large community of people affected by this and it is important that we support each other.  Therefore this website also serves as a space for people to share their experience. Be heard.  Connect. Know that you are not alone.

VAMFEW are not pushing nutritional supplementation as a cure-all.  Rather we are recognising nutrition as a neglected factor in mental health which warrants further research. VAMFEW appreciate that there are a great many complex and interwoven factors affecting emotional wellbeing and behaviour. Nutritional supplementation should only be used under care from a qualified practitioner.